A collaborative powerhouse of purpose and influence working to support a healthy real estate industry in the Charlotte region.

Thinking globally, working locally.

Why Our Strength is in our Numbers:

The Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (REBIC) is an organization formed to take collaborative action on issues of concern to those engaged in real estate sales, land development, residential and commercial construction, real estate finance, and leasing disciplines. The coalition’s sole purpose is to support and encourage public policy that results in a healthy, and consciously sustained real estate market in the region. The majority members of REBIC are the Canopy Realtor® Association and Home Builders Association of Greater Charlotte. The organization also includes representation from several leading and highly influential development firms as well as the Greater Charlotte Apartment Association, the Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors®, and NAIOP Charlotte | Commercial Real Estate Development Association.

Purpose and Origins:

The simple theory behind REBIC’s influence is strength in numbers, and a shared commitment to resolving issues of concern through collaborative endeavors. REBIC has been active in negotiating public policy issues since the early 1980s and has played a successful role in resolving and encouraging the positive outcome of these areas of concern. Officially formed in 1987 to create a united voice to defend the industry’s rights in the face of constantly changing and often un-checked state and federal laws, regulations, ordinances and guidelines, and other public policy challenges, REBIC seeks to create the momentum needed to sustain a broadly beneficial and healthy real estate industry through the active engagement of, and feedback from its powerful membership base.

REBIC acts in influencing public policy by:

  • Monitoring and analyzing information from a wide variety of well vetted and cross-purpose industry sources

  • Researching and formulating policy positions that offer sensible resolution to the greatest number of affected professional organizations

  • Communicating those positions to constituency groups, elected officials, and agency staffs

  • Facilitating member opportunities for robust grassroots participation in these policy endeavors

In addition to participating in the regular meetings of its member associations, the professional staff of REBIC also monitors meetings of the county commissions and municipalities, and planning commissions in the region. Staff attends meetings of local government committees affecting real estate on an as needed basis. In addition, REBIC monitors statewide issues which directly affect our members.

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